(last-modified: 16 Jan 2019)
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    Recent Events:
       - Dr. Se-In JANG graduated from our lab in Feb 2019.
       - Jooyoung KIM's paper has been accepted in Cognitive Computation (Sep 2018).
       - Han-Cheol MOON graduated from our lab in Aug 2018.
       - Dr. Beom-Seok OH published a paper in the IEEE Trans. on Image Processing (Jun 2018).
       - Young-Woong KWON and Junsik JUNG joined our lab in Mar 2018.
       - Dr. Kangrok OH published a paper in the Journal of the Franklin Institute (Mar 2018).
       - Dr. Kangrok OH graduated from our lab in Feb 2018.
       - Prof. Kar-Ann Toh published a paper in Neural Networks (Jan 2018).

    Contact Information:
       Address: #229, Engineering Building C, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, SEOUL, Republic of Korea.
       TEL: +82-2-2123-6605
       Senior Member: 
    Jooyoung KIM (harrykim(AT)yonsei(dot)ac(dot)kr)